Keyhole gardens are vastly underestimated of how distracting they are. Robin Jones brings it, like really. You want working knives? Help the poor. Take a peek inside what it really takes to run, not one, but two demonstration sites, operate a school of permaculture, manage an amazing team of instructors and consultants, while being a […]
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Worm Farm For Your Backyard!

Who doesn’t want the best fertilizer on earth for their growing systems? Worm farming aka vermiculture produces a black gold for your garden/farm that is superior to all other fertilizers. And it should be, it is how God made it. Similar to eating whole food vs. processed foods, the nutrients that come out of the […]
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What Kind of Courses Are Offered?

Our Teaching Approach School of Permaculture utilizes a top down teaching approach. Our goal is teach you the big picture first. This way you can gain an understanding of the top level permaculture content first. This allows your mind to be properly prepared and ready for the further acquisition of the skills you need to […]
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Kelley Joy Tours our Permaculture Suburban Site

Kelly Joy from Coffee with Kelly Joy (check out her facebook page) came over a few days ago and facebook lived a video tour of the front and back yard food forest gardens here at our suburban site of the School of Permaculture. Because permaculture is so scalable and sometimes thought of for only large […]
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Growing Your Own Pesticides…

Ron Finley said, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money”. I could not agree more. And you wouldn’t just set fire to the bank that holds your money would you? That is pretty much what we do when we spracy chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. In this video I show you […]
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Mandala Gardens

Mandala gardensĀ use energy efficient pathways that connect keyhole gardens together. Allowing us single rotating work areas instead of the constant up and down motion that rectangular beds force on you when working the outside perimeter. This version I call the Chi Rho mandala because if you connect the center points with lines, you get the […]
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