13 Essentials For Growing Your Own Food!

So you have finally realized you are sick of being sick and tired and want to be happier and healthier? Good for you. Now that you are ready to get real about your well being and grow your own food, there are some criteria to meet to make your life a lot easier. I have […]
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8 Permaculture Steps For A Christian

1. Surrender to Jesus 2. Learn the frameworks, techniques, and strategies to harmonize with natural systems by taking a permaculture design course 3. Learn homesteading skills 4. Learn how to work with people and communities 5. become a Producer 6. Become food, water, energy, and shelter resilient 7. Steward well your surrounding ecology 8. Love […]
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Who I Use For My Permaculture Design Renderings

I actually did not pursue to get into permaculture consulting and design work for others. I knew we were about education from the moment I got the download to pursue permaculture. However, the inquiries started very early on and they have not let up. There are times when the person/s we are working with have […]
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18 Skills You Should Know

18 SKILL YOU SHOULD KNOW AND TEACH TO YOUR KIDS TO TEACH TO THEIR FAMILIES Living Skills Cook, Process, & Store Your Food Using  What’s  In  Season Grow  Your  Own  Food From  Seed  &  Naturally Humanely  Raise,  Manage,  &  Cull  Animals With  Love  &  Care  In  Life  &  Death Animal  Veterinary  Basics Animal  Medical  Skills […]
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Seriously, You Need a Compost Sifter

If you want to grow your own food – you are going to need to know how to compost. Seriously! As a matter of fact, your focus should really be on compost. A by product of composting is gardening. This sifter is pretty easy to make and easy to use. Enjoy.
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10 Permaculture Strategies for Regenerating Soil

Want healthy food? It all starts in the soil. Permaculture connects many things from community building to architecture to entrepreneurial enterprise to soil regeneration. Want to learn how to make life better? Take a permaculture design course. #permaculture #soilregeneration#sustainability #soil #sheetmulching #gardening #wormfarm #swale#homestead #covercrop #legumes
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