Who I Use For My Permaculture Design Renderings

I actually did not pursue to get into permaculture consulting and design work for others. I knew we were about education from the moment I got the download to pursue permaculture. However, the inquiries started very early on and they have not let up. There are times when the person/s we are working with have the skills where rough sketches on note pads is sufficient, and then there are times when something with more exacting dimensions and scale is needed.
Personally now I take lots of photos and work collaboratively on projects with a team. And on that team is Stephen Taylor who brings my measurements and sketches to life. He is a whiz with Adobe Illustrator and has that unique ability to work with designers, engineers, and artists to bring their rough ideas and sketches into valuable and beautiful craftsmanship.
I have been utilizing his services for a while and wanted to showcase some of my favorite renderings he created for me. You can click the below images to see them in larger size.

A Suburban Site
(This is School of Permaculture’s actual suburban site design)

A 20 Acre Food Forest Homestead

Here is an aerial view of the project a bit later

The  rough sketch I gave him as part of the measurements for the above final design were ridiculous. Yeah, pretty amazing transformation. Thanks Stephen!

Another Suburban Site

A 7 Acre Homestead

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