The aid and orphanage programs were birthed  in the heart of Nicholas Burtner with the belief  that permaculture and holistic practices truly help and empower the dis-empowered and needy. School of Permaculture provides aid to orphanages, kids homes, women’s shelters, and truly struggling agricultural farms (called aid sites) by redesigning their environments and providing truly empowering training and site design. Our  focus is not on just providing funds for feeding people or building homes, but a focus on empowerment and regenerative sustainability. We work to get the aid sites off of the I.V. of funding and into real world self reliance where they are:

  • providing their own clean water via thoughtful permaculture strategies
  • growing and creating nutrient dense foods for their inhabitants
  • building and living in off grid super energy efficient housing that also treat their own septic
  • and having an abundance mentality as opposed to coming from a place of lack where the residents can start believing in themselves again and that there is an abundant future for them

Each aid site is unique in it’s own needs but our overall goal is to provide the necessary training, usually a 12 day course, as well as offer hands on assistance in development of the site. If funds are raised for the site then that also goes to helping with the installation of the project. Our mission is to be of service to those in need and for all parties to feel good about what they are doing and have a great time being involved.
How to get involved:

  • Take an Online Course or Onsite Course – Not all courses are at aid sites but a large portion of each tuition (aiming for 90%) goes to helping aid projects. Click Here to view course schedule.
  • Volunteer – If you already are a PDC graduate or just want to pitch in, you are welcome.
  • Donate – Your donations go directly to site installs.

Site eligibility:
If you are an orphanage or other type of aid site that is seeking sustainable assistance, this list of criteria will help.

  • Ownership and/or long term rooted lease and stakeholder-ship of the land.
  • Person or team on site to continue the leadership of the project and training
  • All people, religious organizations, and locations are welcome
  • Contact Us

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