Hi I am Nicholas Burtner

I have been helping students and land owners learn more about and design their property with nature’s rhythms since 2012. Whether you want to jump in and learn the basics and beyond, or just want to ask me questions about your property, I am here to help.

Join my students in my online Permaculture Design Course and I will give you the foundation of how to successfully plan your property. You will learn the basics as well as very detailed specifications when it comes to strategies, methods, and techniques like food forestry, infinity gardens, nutrient cycling systems, and earthen construction. But remember permaculture isn’t just about techniques. It is about designing beneficial relationships with you, your landscape, and your community.

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Transitioning to your land and need to know what to do? Get the FREE Transition to Land Course. Need some more info on a specific permaculture topic? View our blog and research many of the topics there or schedule a FREE 30 minute permaculture consultation with a certified permaculturist over phone or zoom. At minimum we always recommend to take the permaculture design course and truly get a foundation under you so you can change your life and relationships to where you really want.

Enroll in the Online Permaculture Design Course

Be one of the many students who have benefited their lives and relationships with permaculture.

Get the FREE Transition to Land Course

There is an in between place when you are first moving to your land. This course gives you the exact items where to focus.

Research Specific Permaculture Topics

View our database of topics to research what you are working on.

Hire & Schedule Consultation

Hire Nicholas for a permaculture consultation virtually or in person.

What students are saying


My heart grows when I hear testimonials from my students!
"All I have to say is this, It did change my life, permaculture is key. It just puts everything together, everything makes sense. From all the trainings and experiences I have been through in the past 10 years, it just connects everything. It makes everything work together. Its been a huge difference the way I am designing things now and how I am seeing and observing nature. I am excited to show you what is happening here..."
"Through the course I learned to take a more conscious approach to my design and observe my landscape and surroundings, problem solving, and also putting soil health as a primary goal of these things."


Spend less time worrying if you did something wrong, or if you spent money on the wrong thing, or even if you placed something in the wrong place

I’ve had students tell me my course has saved them $100,000s of dollars and that they had wished that they would have taken my course before installing their big elements. Don’t let making moves to fast set you back. I will help you.


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