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Colostrum Facts for Calves

Almost no calves who are newly birthed survive without colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk/antibodies that mother cows offer to their calves. Colostrum is extremely important for humans too. Typically the intake of colostrum with calves from their mother cows is something you don’t have any part in or have to worry about. However, if […]
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Success from Climate, Techniques or Land Management?

For Centuries Western Europe has taken care of it’s farmland better than most places in the world. One of the main reasons for it’s success is it’s climate with it’s gentle rainfall and long growing seasons. Plus much of the farmland being not too hilly. Shrub hedges and/or stone walls such as Cornish hedges were […]
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Small Family Farms Aren’t Enough

I’m all for the “know your farmer” family farm model. It is exploding across the country right now. Especially in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I like it better than the GMO model of growing food for people for sure. The family farm model has many benefits when it comes to knowing what is in […]
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