Herbal Medicine: Awesome? or Little to No Scientific Evidence?

It just hit me…

why there is that disclaimer with plant medicine that says “there is little or no scientific evidence” to support a plant’s herbal medicinal values. The reason for this is because IT IS truly hard to measure the evidence.

But get the rest of the story…
Most pharmaceuticals are derived from extracting what is called constituents from plants and hormones. Then in a laboratory, a single constituent is usually taken from a plant and then synthetically concentrated to become a drug.
You see, this can be easily measured because it is only one constituent.
When using medicine in the form of plants, it is difficult to measure their effects because a plant doesn’t have just one beneficial constituent – they have many. Often 100 or more. And some sources state that almost all of our pharmaceutical drugs are derived from the constituents of only around 60 plants. Imagine what we haven’t discovered yet!
So yes IT IS hard to follow just one of the constituents into the body to see which one did the job when taking over 100 constituents that come from one single plant/medicine.
The point I am making is not to be so quick to judge against the label “little to no scientific evidence” when taking plant medicines, and especially without knowing the full story. Make sure you find out what known constituents are in the herbal medicine and then research what those constituents do to the body. In my opinion, taking the whole plant with all it’s constituents is much safer and effective for the human body because the body knows what to do with a natural substance as opposed to a concentrated synthetic drug. In very similar fashion to eating a whole food vs. a processed food.
And please do not get the idea that I am prejudice against pharmaceuticals (against the way they are pushed, probably). It is just that I believe those are big guns which only need to be pulled out when the need truly beckons.
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