Some of what we did at the Herbal Medicine 101 class

Lori Valentine Rose hit it out of the park. What a fun class. Students thoroughly enjoyed it. The energy level was amazing. And almost everyone practically begged for an herbal medicine class 201. Which we are doing – register here. We will defintely be bringing back the 101 class as well. Here is some of […]
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Benefits of Permaculture

Benefits in under 2 minutes There are many benefits to permaculture. It really is impossible to put all of the benefits of permaculture in any video that could encompass everything. So making a video that is under 1.5 minutes that speaks of some big benefits was very difficult. But we were up for the task. […]
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What is Permaculture?

VIDEO EXPLAINING PERMACULTURE IN UNDER 60 SECONDS Permaculture is notoriously hard to explain. Ask any permaculturist what permaculture is and he or she will have a hard time telling you in a short amount of time. That is because permaculture is big – it is education system, eco-system restoration, drought proofing, climate balancing, people system, […]
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My Current Version of Irrigating My Keyhole Gardens

We have tried all sorts of ways to irrigate these gardens here at our suburban permaculture demonstration site. Actually I am still fiddling with it. But as of right now, we have found a decent, scratch that, very good method for irrigating keyhole and mandala gardens. Let me know more if you want me to […]
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Permaculture & The Foster Care System

Sometimes, actually a lot of times, we get to hang out with, be moved, and get inspired by truly amazing people. The Wallis’s are just that. I do not need to say much more, just watch. Read more about the happenings at the Wallis homestead on Christina’s blog
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