MY CITY HATES ME/CHICKENS, Designing a 6.5 acre farm…

Man, I love starting a fresh round of classes. The energy that comes from a fresh crop of students is awesome. Can’t say enough good things about it or the permaculture design course.
This week I am in all sorts of sitches.
-Check out my suburban site from the roof view
-My city must hate me because they don’t allow backyard chickens – WHAT??!!. Yeah, I give you a number to call, call them, at least give us a shot with the city if people now much interest is out there.
-I show a bit of a 6.5 acre farm design we are designing for a cool cat.
-Some scenes from one this week’s intro to permaculture class
-We started a new Permaculture Design Course
-We started face lifting our garage
Man writing it out, that is a lot.
Talk to you next week kids. Enjoy the video.

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