What in the world is an Infinity Garden?

We are at it again. Just wrapped up this springs PERMACULTURE GARDENING class. It was stellar! One of our students is truly living the dream. They sold everything and bought some land, watched youtube videos, and built their house out of shipping containers!. These guys are rock stars! Our gardening class installed a 100×40′ infinity […]
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We got a FREE house!?

Can you believe it? We finally got a download from God on how to move out to the farm, with our families new 1 year old edition. Praise Jesus! And man do we have awesome neighbors or what? So my question is – what would you do if you needed temporary housing?
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New Metal Roof…

For the last few years we have been getting very bad hail storms during the spring. We ended up totaling out the roof on our suburban site and replacing it with a metal roof. Super excited. Since we have decided to keep the suburban site as well as the farm site, we upgraded to metal […]
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Where are we at on the elementary school project?

As a group they decided to work with the LARGE area of land for the outdoor classroom permaculture forest garden! I am excited for them and excited for this design. We are now in the design phases and estimating costs. These guys will need some help raising funds. It is for the kiddos. If you […]
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Don’t judge me, I make my own potting mix!

Let’s be real, who wants to be addicted to continually buy product for your garden or food growing operation? I don’t! This is one of the reasons I love permaculture. We have so many ways of developing systems that after initial setup drastically reduce or eliminate extra work or outside input. Watch this video and […]
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Permaculture is going ELEMENTARY!

These ladies are AH-MAZE-ING! Linsey Gilbert and Grace Johnson are compassionate, thoughtful, and action taking women who are challenging the status quo at school and moving towards something that will truly change the lives of their students, the staff, and the community around them. Watch this video and share the beginning of a great story […]
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Is your egg stanky?

There is nothing worse then barely being awake and starting to cook your eggs when you suddenly get the whiff of the sulphur river overflowing into your kitchen. Let us/Nicole help you tell if your eggs are good before you crack them open. Yes there really is a way. Watch below. Hi, this is Nicole […]
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Permaculture Consultation – Suburban Lot, HOA & Tiny

In this video I consult for Nicholas and his family about moving forward and taking the next steps to getting his hands in the dirt and moving forward with starting to enjoy life, not over think, and growing their own resources. If you have questions about permaculture consulting and or design, contact me through our […]
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