Benefits of Permaculture

Benefits in under 2 minutes

There are many benefits to permaculture. It really is impossible to put all of the benefits of permaculture in any video that could encompass everything. So making a video that is under 1.5 minutes that speaks of some big benefits was very difficult. But we were up for the task.
The Benefits of PERMACULTURE:
Permaculture is a design system for human settlement that works with nature
It encompasses many disciplines…
Once established it
Can create a closed looped system where the waste of one element feeds another
For example:
Your kitchen waste feeds your chickens
Your chicken waste feeds your compost pile
Your compost pile feeds your garden
Your garden feeds you
and the cycle continues…
It also lessens need the need to earn money
Because you are creating many of the resources you used to buy
While using the design tools of permaculture
You are actively helping regenerate the planet, such as…
Creating top soil instead of depleting it
Reducing or eliminating waste
Restoring damaged ecosystems
Conserving natural resources
And all of this is done as a byproduct of living your life normally within an appropriate design
Be part of the solution

Your next step is to take find a local group near you to learn more and create community.
If you are in the North Texas Region CLICK HERE to view our list of classes and courses.
If you are anywhere else in the world, try and search for other permaculturists near you.

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