What is Permaculture?


Permaculture is notoriously hard to explain. Ask any permaculturist what permaculture is and he or she will have a hard time telling you in a short amount of time. That is because permaculture is big – it is education system, eco-system restoration, drought proofing, climate balancing, people system, fossil fuel eliminating, economy shifting big.
Many people come to permaculture because of our food growing methods (which are very sexy by the way). Some come because of architecture, others because of health. And permaculture delivers in plowshares! Whatever your reason for coming, know that permaculture has lots of solutions for the worlds biggest problems.
At it’s heart, it is a design system of connecting elements that benefit both humans and nature. Once established it can provide a time rich environment where the need to earn is lessened because much of what you need money for is created at home – food, water, energy, shelter. Now even though it is a combination if indigenous ancient wisdom woven together with appropriate technology, I don’t want to give the impression that it is the slave to the work of the farm type of system. Permaculture creates and connects life with all it’s needs into a harmonious pattern that makes the work that is needed pleasurable and raises the quality of life rather than oppressing the maintainer.

Benefits of permaculture in under 2 minutes

Your next step is to take find a local group near you to learn more and create community.
If you are in the North Texas Region CLICK HERE to view our list of classes and courses.
If you are anywhere else in the world, try permacultureglobal.org and search for other permaculturists near you.
Have fun and bless you!
Nicholas Burtner

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