What Does School of Permaculture Do?

what does sop do
We get asked this all the time, what does School of Permaculture do? We are glad you asked…
School of Permaculture, a 501c3 non profit organization, has 4 main components:
1. We are an education facility that teaches permaculture both on-site and here on this website. Make sure to scroll through the many pages of permaculture tips from our home page. Also to learn more, go to our Permaculture Design Course page here which has the details of, not only the permaculture design course, but what permaculture is, (near the bottom).
2. We offer permaculture and sustainable agriculture consulting, design, and installation on landscapes and homes of all sizes from backyards to thousand acre farms, (rural, suburban, urban). Click here to get a better scope of what those entail.
3. We take the proceeds from the above two categories and put them into our Aid & Orphanage program. This year we are offering a course and mission trip to Haiti in October. Click here to find out more.
4. At our heart we are a ministry for Christ who is inclusive to all doctrines of faith and people, regardless of lifestyle they live. We have been called to love and help people and if we knew a better way than permaculture to achieve that calling, we would be doing it.
We love you!

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