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Consultation and Design Services

~Make sure to check out our portfolio of permaculture work too!
A permaculture project/site starts with a consultation and a blueprint design. Depending on what you have visioned and what the landscape allows we will create a unique site design that compliments both. A strategy for land development will be introduced as well as an implementation plan. When possible we recommend that a site first look to self reliance that reduces or eliminates as much outside inputs as possible before we move on to sales of products. Once there we have a fondness for helping farmers sell direct to restaurants and/or the end user.

Implementation and Installing
If we have consulted on your property or you have created a design yourself, the next stage is the install or implementation of the design for your site. A strategy will be created depending on your time frame and finances that will allow your site to be fully developed.

  • $150 per hour plus travel expenses for School of Permaculture representative.
  • $100 – $300 (depending on experience) per day for any permaculturists we hire to help with the installations (this will be discussed beforehand)

Maintenance Services
Once your site is installed we do recommend that the property owner maintains the site. However, we realize that this is not always an option. We can build a maintenance plan that works with you, your site, and nature to keep it looking beautiful and running in top shape.


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