Permaculture Tip of the Day – Permaculture’s Growing Pains

permacultures-growing-pains1Permaculture is a peculiar system where the more you know, it becomes apparent, the more you don’t know. I have started to get the hang of it. What does that tell ya? Ha!

Permaculture is amazing! It covers complexities of creating perpetual living systems that help people and the environment. However, attached to that amazingness, there is tremendous room for growth. Let’s take, for example, the reason most permaculture sites (and especially communities) fail. It is not because of the land use systems (we got that covered) it is because we have not fully come into bloom in the people systems. Those are a challenge in any system and an area for real growth.

Life Intervention Principle: In chaos lies unparalleled opportunity for imposing creative order.

This means there is opportunity – in all areas of permaculture with greater and lesser degree depending on topic.

  • Earthworking
  • Animal Systems
  • Micro Spaces
  • Teaching
  • Financial Structures
  • Community
  • and many more

Be the pioneering species in an area of permaculture that needs growth. Companion plant yourself with other pioneers and fix the soil for future generations. You’ll be rewarded knowing you strengthened a system for the good of everyone.
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