Permaculture Tip of the Day – What Goes in My Orchard?

Orchards vary in species widely depending on which climate region they reside in. We can use a stone fruit orchard as an example which will be at ease in a temperate climate region. As well as stone fruits, this region grants room for pomes, nuts, and a myriad of berries. Below are some very crucial factors to consider when choosing varieties of species in your orchard:
Adaptation to the Region – Talking with locals, visiting plant nurseries, and internet searches will yield answers to which species has adapted to your bio-region. The hands on approach usually gives better testimony.
Resistance to Disease – Older hardier species, especially in apples, that are not prone to fungal attack will yield far better and not need the onslaught of chemicals and pesticides to ward off pests and disease.
Site Selection – A well drained, sun-ward facing, and frost free area would be ideal. If you have to choose a shady area then choose one that frosts late in the year.
Poly-culture – An orchard will do best in a biodiverse setting with multiple species and plant guilds.

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