Permaculture Tip of the Day – Property Purchasing Part 1

There is a multitude of factors to consider when purchasing a property: soil type, water catchment, pasture vs wooded areas, history of the property, etc.. However “The Primary Factor” to consider when purchasing property is… Is there adequate, well distributed, reliable rainfall? *Note that even if you are already on a property where your evaporation exceeds your precipitation (such as dry lands and deserts), good permaculture design can and should be implemented for water retention. The factor breakdown:
Adequate Rainfall:  30 inches (762 mm) of rainfall per year.
Well Distributed Rainfall: This has two considerations. The first is, does the rain fall throughout the year? Or does 30 inches all fall at one time (like within a week or two). Throughout the year is ideal. The second is, is the property a water logged? Meaning does it absorb, drain, and distribute water efficiently or does water get bogged down and become stagnant where it is not easily usable.
Reliable Rainfall: There are places in the Canary Islands that have been known to never rain. When rains do fall on other parts of the island they are so dispersed that they cannot be reliably tracked and thus cannot be efficiently designed to. Ideally we would want an area/property we can reliably gauge the amount and when rain is coming.
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