Permaculture Tip of the Day – Dealing With Humidity

Most climates, aside from the arid climates, have at least a time where the season can be very humid. Humidity makes both the heat and cold feel penetrating. In regions where we build living quarters that have vast amounts of humidity, it is wise to establish proper heating and cooling strategies that are designed to work with humidity.
A base point in design is to understand that when there is 40% humidity in the air, every 4% rise in humidity after that increases temperature 1 degree celcius. If we are designing to capture the heat then we would increase humidity traps such as: heating surfaces, warm air currents, dark colored outer paints, and less breezy air and walkways into the house. However, if we are decreasing heat (as we often are in tropical and temperate climates) then the strategies to dehumidify the air will be different. We will design for: over shading trees, clear path and airways into the house, abundant shade, white exterior paints, in house cool air currents using underground cooling tubes or other strategies, and cooling surfaces such as large stones that are always left in the shade.
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