Permaculture Tip of the Day – Converting Doors into Insulation

door to insulation

Salvage yards often buy bulk construction material at auctions from both surplus supply and demolitions. On a recent trip, while looking for cheap roofing material for an underground house, we stumbled upon piles and piles of discarded exterior front doors. These are the ones that looked as though they were used in apartment buildings. Upon closer examination we discovered that the inside of these doors had energy efficient rigid foam insulation.
Roofing being on the forefront of our minds, it became clear that we could use the metal plated foam doors as insulation for the roof before we bolted on the final metal paneling. Further inquiry revealed that the salvage yard has a hard time getting rid of them and told us we can take as many as we can drive away with.
We saved major money on insulation and also up-cycled discarded construction material. What a win-win!
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