Permaculture Tip of the Day – Condensation as Irrigation

In dry land climates or places where summers are very hot and dry it is beneficial to add water condensing surfaces for long term irrigation strategies. We can feed trees and vegetation up to 80% more of the average rainfall of the region by setting up appropriate condensation traps in the areas where we are growing vegetation. Below is a small list of water condensation trapping strategies:
Many small rock piles can be added around the drip line of a tree which will aid in trapping water from night air condensation and feed it back to the soil.
Adding rock mulch (layered with smaller stones on bottom and larger stones on top) on top of organic matter mulch increases condensation yield. Especially in tree growing scenarios.
Small metal move-able 1/2 inch to 1 inch pipe fences with a max height of 3 feet can be set up with the installation of food forests to aid on water catchment from condensation and then can be moved to places that are freshly planted.
A partial closed looped system such as pit traps (small dug out pits next to trees or planting area filled with organic matter and covered over with a piece of thin plastic with a stone in the middle of the plastic) will create a solar still from the water in the organic matter and recycle that water many times back into the soil. More organic matter, urine, and water can be added to the pit as needed.

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