Permaculture Tip of the Day – How Not To Raise Cattle

Nicholas Burtner takes a tour of the Fair Oaks Dairy, one of the largest dairies in the United States, and gives footage from what is demonstrated. Note that this video is not intended to name smear or show undercover footage of animal cruelty, as what is shown here is blatant in what they demonstrate. What is intended in this video is not only to show how not to raise cattle but show how important it is to educate ourselves in animal, human, and food health because without sound informative information – places like these will tell you everything they are doing is not only good for the animals, but they prefer it.
Not shown in the footage was their bio gas digester that creates fuel to run the farm. Albeit good for re-using the waste from the thousands of cows that come through the facility – one can hardly give it justice for the nonsensical approach to raising cattle.
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