Permaculture Tip of the Day – Pruning Trees Can Create Soil Life

We can actually benefit the soil by pruning trees. It is not widely known that by pruning a tree at it’s crown or branches that the tree will prune it’s own roots to compensate for the amount of energy no longer needed above the soil. It is important to note that a very healthy soil is 50% air. Tree and plant roots can do something that no machine can do, which is to create very awkward shapes in the soil with their tree roots. When pruned back the roots will slowly decay and create pathways for air and water into the soil. This will aerate the soil and create pathways for water to easily infiltrate which is very beneficial in clayey soils. The roots will also break down and turn into a life rich compost which will be a base block to feed the life in the soil starting with the microbiology (fungus and bacteria) up to worms and beyond.

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