Permaculture Tip of the Day – The Permaculturist’s Tool Bag

A year or so ago I consulted on a beautiful property (The Earthstead Farm) with Sam Dodson and Rebecca Visconti who are passionate about system change and moving towards a sustainable and regenerative future in homesteading. Listening back to this podcast goes to show me how we, as permaculturists and humans, never really stop learning. Some of what we discussed I would definitely approach  a little different – especially speaking of swales and defining volumes of water and other hard earthworked features. We never stop growing!
After a few minutes on the podcast we got to talking about “the tool bag”. Many clients and permaculturists alike have a tendency to get trapped in a myopic viewpoint and ONLY design either to what they prefer or a one size fits all approach. Some of this thinking expresses as “I will only use compressed earth block to build a house” or “I will only use swales for water catchment”. I was inspired after listening back to this podcast to recall that when carrying the title of permaculture designer or consultant we have the abundant resource of every tool in the tool bag. Please enjoy the podcast from below.

Sam and Rebecca chat with Nicholas Burtner, a permaculture consultant who made a trip out to the Earthstead farm to give his expert advice on how to implement a paddock shift system between swales. They discuss general permaculture techniques, Sam and Rebecca’s long term plans for the farm, as well as hugelkultur methods.
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