Permaculture Tip of the Day – Permaculture Potting Mix


The greenhouse is a staple in any permaculture design. Even if we are only designing for a patio, a partition of space should be dedicated to the seeding of plants. In permaculture we definitely look to our property for material to supply to any element in our design and potting mixes for seedlings is no exception.
This mix is remarkably simple, extremely effective, and can be modified to any climate and seed type. It consists of 50% “life rich” sieved compost to hold water and provide nutrient and 50% sharp sand for a plant preferred quick water drainage. It is recommended to create an on site compost as this will far exceed purchased bagged compost in desired life and microbiology. Sharp sand may need to be brought in, however if you have a creek or river on your property then you will almost certainly have a renewable resource of sand. The inside bend of every creek or river slows the water to a speed in which sharp sand is deposited at every turn of the river.
Soil amendments such as blood and bone or other natural mineral sources may be added but they are not needed.
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