Permaculture Tip of the Day – Mental Designing

Often times in permaculture we get called in to design projects for places, people, or situations where, not only the landscape, but the parties involved may not be in the best spirits, time in their lives (separation, bankruptcy, divorce) or frame of mind. In those situations, permaculture excels and we can truly be a beacon of hope for those in need. Help can be designed not only in  landscapes, but mentally and emotionally as well. People care IS a foundation in permaculture and one of our core ethics.
However, often times lacking in the design process (probably because most of us are very altruistic) is to take time and design in joy for ourselves.  Getting sucked down into the negative patterns of emotion or thinking will not benefit us, the client, or any other party involved. In order to maintain a positive permaculture outlook on a project, fun and joy must be designed in by creating a positive mental climate before going into, and during a consultation. This can be achieved because the brain (similar to trellising)  is an organ that has a unique ability to obtain plasticity, meaning it can be re-coded purposefully by making intentional habits. By taking time, similar to the way we strengthen our physical muscles, positive mental exercise  is crucial in this process.
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