Permaculture Tip of the Day – Locked Up Nutrients

Bio-accumulation is nature’s way of depleting or strengthening  elements through biological processes. For example, when we feed GMO grain to a cow, the toxins from GMO grain, and herbicides used on the grain, will bio-accumulate through the mother cow’s bloodstream and intensify into the mother’s milk. Thus poisoning her calves and us.
As tough of an example as that is – the same can be said, but in a positive way, with nutrition that is locked up in different soils. I often hear a lot of talk of having insufficient nutrient in soil. This can be true of many areas of the globe. However, much of the world has an abundance of nutrition in the soil. The problem is not the amount of nutrition but the “availability” of it. Immense amounts of nutrient is “locked up” in clay, muds, and algae.
Biological sources are nature’s way of unlocking nutrient. When composting we, in effect, provide a way for nutrient to bio-accumulate. If we want to unlock nutrient in clay soil then it would be wise to add organic matter on top of the soil. This would start the processes for microbiology to unlock the nutrient from the long bound up chains of carbon. Ground covers and deep tap rooting dynamic accumulating plants such as dandelion would also align with the life in the soil to aid with nutrient freedom. If we wish to unlock the nutrient of muds and algae, (algae grows everywhere on the planet with only water, organic matter and sunlight), then we can add muds and algae to compost piles. Through the decaying bio-accumulative process we can unlock the vitality of life inside of algae and mud.

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