Permaculture Tip of the Day – Invasive Species

When people say “there is no such thing as a weed” or that “there is no such thing as an invasive species” it can come as quite a shock. It is important to have an understanding to what is actually being implied. In garden plots and up and emerging food forests, there are species that can be a nuisance. My tip on Bermuda grasses goes into a bit of detail on one such nuisance. However, to clarify, I would like to qualify what is meant by “there is no such thing as an invasive species”.
If we look at the rain forest it would be difficult to say that any species is taking over. Even if something like kudzu was introduced it would not have a niche to fill. The issue with many invasive species is not that they are “taking over” but they are filling a niche in the eco system from the hole that was cut in. Both urban and suburban development, as well as agriculture have caused great voids in natural systems. What is actually happening is that the rampant growing (invasive) species are trying to repair that problem and cover the soil. If given enough time the fast rampant growing species will eventually balance out once the soil has been repaired, covered, and the other species in the eco system fill it in. It is also wise to note that the same thinking of something in nature is “invasive” is probably the same thinking of how herbicides (which are the worst of the chemicals regularly used in agriculture) were created. And when thought long enough about it, we usually come up with the realization that we are all from Earth.
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