Permaculture Tip of the Day – Fuel Forest

Zone 4 is a fascinating zone that can often have the likely hood to be under designed. Being that it is much further away from the living quarters gives it a tendency to not get as much human attention as the preceding zones.
One of many types of forests that can be established in zone 4 (and there are many) is a fuel forest. Fuel forest trees are grown and then cut/coppiced purposefully for quick regrowth. That regrowth is then cut on a yearly cycle. Coppicing also greatly increases the lifespan of the tree. When managed correctly, by moving the cutting areas every cut/coppice to always have multiple lots of fresh regrowth, we can have a limitless supply of regrown wood fuel for many multiple family generations.
When we apply the principle that each element should provide many functions, we can grow and coppice amazing trees like sweet chestnuts that not only have tremendous regrowth but supply food for humans and animals such as pigs for pig farming/pannage.
Short list of high quality fuel forest trees:
Alder, Ash, Beech, Birch (3-4 year coppice cycle)
Hazel (7 year coppice cycle)
Sycamore Sweet Chestnut (15-20 year coppice cycle) (some sweet chestnut been known to grow 10 feet in one summer)
Hornbeam, Oak (50 year coppice cycle)
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