Permaculture Tip of the Day – Fresh Water on Salt Water Islands

fresh water on islandIt is imperative when working in/on/with islands that all fresh water sources stay as unpolluted as possible. On coral islands (which are often found less than 30 degrees away from the equator) a fresh water lens, from rain that seeps through the top soil and coral, stays afloat on top of the salt water. These fresh water pockets are often found in the island interior and are a lifeline to much of the island which, if designed properly, can be an exemplary resource for human settlements. Since this water is a slow but renewable resource we can pump or bucket lift it out of the lens to small gley (fermented vegetation) glazed ponds. The ponds will eventually hold fresh water fish that come in from birds that are taxis for dormant fish and worms eggs that find their way onto the bird’s  legs.
It is important to design the living quarters and toilets to the edge of the island and that the black water from such areas is used for growing systems. Water from roof catchment is imperative in an island setting as in most designs. And it is exceptionally wise to plant many coconut trees as about 12 of them will provide ample water needs for one adult human.
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