Permaculture Tip of the Day – The 5 Layers of a Prairie

5 layers of prairie
Depending on where you live the word prairie can be exchanged with rangeland or grassland. The popular, and profound, work of Allan Savory and his Holistic Management has shown how large herding animals graze off of rangelands/prairies, and then are moved by predators, thus giving us a blueprint of how rangeland ecosystems function. This knowledge has led us to create a biomimicry of rangelands where we can work with the natural grazing of animals to produce amazing regenerative grassland systems as well as very nourished animals. However, in order to work and manage rangelands systems we must know how nature designed them so we can create a biomimicry of them.
The 5 layers of life in a prairie.
Trees and Shrubs
(eaten by browsers)
(perennial and annual herbaceous and bulbous species, eaten by grazers)
(perennials and annual monocotyledons, eaten by grazers)
Mosses and Lichens
(eaten by small herbivores)
Fungus and Saprophytes
(eaten by small herbivores)

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