Permaculture is Redefining Gardening

permaculture is redefining gardening 
"Gardening is not just about putting plants in the ground the same way architecture is not only concerned with plumbing." ~Nicholas Burtner

Permaculture gardening is a whole systems replacement to the  food system. When we start looking at the garden as the supermarket and pharmacy our viewpoint will start to change. This type of gardening is a cyclical series of events and should really be introduced to the elementary school kids curriculum.
We have designed a new course that guides you through the connections made from seed saving, to planting, harvest, cooking, food wastes, compost, and much more – it looks similar to this:

  1. Seed Starting
  2. Water Harvesting
  3. Irrigation
  4. Crop and Plant Selection
  5. Garden Design
  6. Plant Nursing
  7. Winnowing
  8. Bed Preparation
  9. Planting
  10. Harvesting
  11. Cooking
  12. Fermenting
  13. Canning
  14. Storing
  15. Composting
  16. Seed Saving
  17. Then back to seed starting
    (and I am  probably even leaving out a few items)

We call this 4 day course the Whole Systems Gardening Course and it  is being debuted March 28th, 2015 which will run 4 Saturdays here at the School of Permaculture. Also in the works is our local growers and buyers exchange. By attending the course you will be granted access to the local grower and buy exchange network where you can be a grower or buyer of locally produced beyond organic nutrient dense food right here in our very own DFW Metroplex.
Check out the Whole System Gardening Course page for details.

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