Higher Learning Program

Higher Learning Program

If you want more from your permaculture learning, this program is for you. After you graduate from the school of permaculture you will continue to meet with your classmates and other graduates virtually through our monthly virtual meetups. There we will dive deeper into different levels of learning and connection.
You must come with a set of questions that did not get answered in your pdc, however, it can be any permaculture related question. Once you have access to the group you will then participate in live virtual meetings every month.. 
Since we meet once a month, every student has one month to write a research paper about one of their questions or about someone else’s question. Once we come back together each month, the summary of the research paper is read aloud to the group so everyone can learn.
The research paper must be grammatically correct and cite the sources of where the data came from. A summary must also be written which is what will be read to the group. Afterwards the research paper will go into the cue to be published on the School of Permaculture’s website, and be credited to you.
Length of program: Ongoing

  • Graduated as a pdc student from the School of Permaculture
  • Internet access
  • The Zoom app on computer or smart device or both
  • Ability to meet up virtually once month on zoom
  • Once you know what you are supposed to do, the ability to run autonomous
  • A list of questions that are permaculture related

If you would like to participate in this group, write us an email with your request.

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