Permaculture Design Certificate – 2019 Fall Course

Here at the School of Permaculture we offer a 72 hour, internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course, tailored after the book “A Designer’s Manual” by Bill Mollison.

We do it a little bit differently around these parts, though. Don’t worry, we still cover all the required topics to set you on your introductory path to permaculture and permaculture design. And we assist you in creating a permaculture design project (this is required from all students in order to receive certification).

So how are we different? Instead of blasting you for 2 weeks straight with an entire textbook of information, we give you the information over a 6 month period – so in smaller micro-blasts.

The benefit to this setup:

  • Community growth – The people you are in class with become friends, neighbors, encouragers and study partners as you meet for 6 weekends over 6 months. One of the most significant things we regularly hear from our students is how the connections they make with the other students in the class are invaluable.
  • Engaged Learning – It’s also a great time to soak up the information – with more than enough time between sessions to read the book, take in the materials and come back with your questions, we see learning blossom.
  • Flexibility – By offering the pay as you go option and breaking up the class on weekends, over six months, we have taken away the constraints of cost and time for students. Many have said, ‘I was never able to do this class until now, thank you!’

So what does our PDC look like? It starts every 6 months, continues for one weekend a month until you are finished. If you miss a class, then you can make it up during the next semester (we have 2 semesters each year – SPRING and FALL). Here’s the upcoming schedule for SPRING 2019:

Topics Covered by Schedule FALL 2019 Schedule
First Weekend
Principles, Concepts, and Themes
July 13th and 14th
Second Weekend
Methods of Design
August 10th and 11th
Third Weekend
Climatic Factors – Tropics, Arid, Temperate
Trees & Their Energy Transactions
September 14th and 15th
Fourth Weekend
Water, Earthworks
Aquaculture, Soils
October 12th and 13th
Fifth Weekend
Strategies for an Alternative Nation
November 9th and 10th
Sixth Weekend
Design, Presentations
Graduation, Party
December 14th and 15th

In addition to the unique schedule, we also focus really hard on making your learning experience great. Our class is mostly theory, taught in the classroom, but as we are able, we will have some outdoor experiences, hands on exercises and tours of permaculture sites. We believe, after teaching many students, that learning theory from the beginning, has been shown to greatly reduce your learning once your jump into the hands on portions of permaculture.

What’s the cost?

We have multiple payment options and we would like to recognize that the early bird gets the worm (or in this case the discount!). Please take advantage of our early bird and couples discounts. Without them full price is $1,200 per ticket.

Early Bird Rates

Must be paid in full 30 days before class starts

Per Weekend Rates

Flexible payment for those paying as they go


PDC Ticket

(if you register before June 1st 2019)

Individual PDC Weekend Ticket

$200 per weekend
(Full Price Total = $1200)


Couples PDC Ticket

(if you register before June 1st 2019)

Couples PDC Weekend Ticket

$340 per weekend per couple  (Total = $2040)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Permaculture?
  • What are the benefits of permaculture?
  • Why take a permaculture design course?
  • What can I do once I take a permaculture design course?
  • What type of people take a PDC? We have had chiropractors, homemakers, homeschooling moms, registered nurses, office administrators, network storage engineers, catastrophe claims adjusters, accountants, bank controllers, doctors, ranchers, teachers, audio technicians, pilots, operations managers, retirees, veterans, customer service professionals, coaches, global business consultants, coders, high schoolers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, farmers, electricians, homesteaders, sales professionals, real estate agents, librarians, geologists, architects, artists, missionaries…you name it – we encourage diversity and Permaculture helps people of all backgrounds find harmony.
  • Where is the class located?
    • Saturdays: City of Plano Sustainability & Environmental Education (EEC Building) 4200 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, Texas 75093
    • Sundays: Morning at our suburban site and afternoon back at the EEC Suburban site address is 3928 Dickens Dr., Plano, TX 75023
    • Course Times:  Each course date starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 p.m.

About School of Permaculture and our Instructors:

Supporting our students:

  • Come when you can, pay when you can – flexibility! If you miss a class one semester, make it up the next semester. We encourage students to finish within a 12 month period.
  • Kids ages 10 – 17, who are mature learners and interested in Permaculture can come for free with a parent or guardian! Please note children must be participants and not distractions to the class, we love to encourage learning for all and know that many children enjoy learning alongside you. Is your child interested in earning a certificate? Email us to make those arrangements.
  • After graduation our students are added to our growing group of graduates and also have special access to their Instructors and our team for continued learning, advising and other, sometimes global, opportunities. We do our best to put our students first!
  • Returning to class – students who graduated from our PDC course are welcome to return to class(es), if there is room. You can take the entire PDC again for half the price or you can come back to one class (one day) for free! Contact us to schedule.
  • Scholarships – our team is open to reviewing scholarship or work trade opportunities if possible, but these opportunities are limited and given at the discretion of leadership. If you have a need for a scholarship or are interested in presenting a work trade opportunity, you must email us directly with your request.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Full refunds are available if your cancellation request is received one week prior to the course start date. No refunds will be given after attending first day of the course or for no shows.



Start Time

9:00 am

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Finish Time

5:00 pm

Sunday, December 15, 2019


4116 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093

Event Participants