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A Permaculture Design Course That Works With You!
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Many students express their deep desire to take a Permaculture Design Course but cannot due to limitations such as finances, time, and family obligations. We have listened and have designed a Permaculture Design Course that harmonizes with these hurdles and makes learning permaculture truly accessible.

Our format makes this course very accessible for learning permaculture and in obtaining very valuable hands on permaculture experience, as well as getting your permaculture design certification.

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Come When You Can

This course will integrate into your daily life as it runs twice, continuously throughout the year. We aim for every second weekend of the month but may change which weekends in presence of a major event or holiday. This allows for a “Come When You Can” model where you are never under any pressure to feel rushed or crammed to fit the course into your daily life.

The course runs in it’s entirety 2 times a year. One starts in January and the other in July. Take as long as you want to finish the course (years if needed but not recommended) and come any day of the course. If you cannot start on day 1, then a Free Intro Into Permaculture Class (that is given every Friday evening before each weekend of the course) is necessary to start on any other day of the course.

Flexible Payment – Pay Course Entirety or Per Weekend

No longer will you HAVE to come up with all of the funds to pay for the Permaculture Design Course all at once. This Permaculture Design Course format lifts the burden off of us (on certain levels) which in turn will lift the financial burden off of you. If you have the funds all at once – great pay the course in full and get a considerable discount by doing so. If you would like to pay by the weekend that is great too!

Build Relationships

Most Permaculture Design Courses run for 2 weeks straight. This is a great submersion experience and we still offer these kinds of courses. However, what they lack is the long term relationships that are made with seeing the same faces and making strong connections with your peers and teachers. Permaculture IS about relationships and this format harnesses that power.

Mature Kids Can Come Free

We would love to run day care but we just are not staffed to do so. But your child/children ages 12-17 can come for free. Our staff may interview your kid/s too to help in making our Permaculture for Orphans Program the best it can be. You never know they might learn something too.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture, is a design system that works with nature to provide for all human needs and benefits all life on the planet. Once established it creates a time-rich environment where people can go to a place of employment because they want to, not because they have to.

A vast array of different disciplines are learned through Permaculture. The myriad of topics are brought forth through a Permaculture Design Course and then a design is drawn up and implemented to make all the beneficial and harmonious connections. Since the range of topics are so vast we offer additional workshops and courses for very in-depth specialized education, experience, and training.

Topics and disciplines covered in Permaculture:

Making a Change
How to transition into a sustainable and regenerative lifestyle.

Natural and recycled building principles and techniques for new or already existing structures.

Soil Biology
Creating life filled and nutrient rich sustainable soils. This topic is of extreme importance.

Regenerative Gardening & Farming
Organic and beyond production using looped systems that yield nutrient dense food.

Urban Permaculture
Living and designing in urban and suburban environments.

Reading, surveying, and working the land for desired and beneficial results.

Animal Husbandry
Working with animal systems and humane care for them.

The reading and study of the major climates of the world and how to work within them.

Creating nutrition and life through water systems in both rural and urban settings.

Nutrition and Natural Healing
Designing a lifestyle and nutrient dense food that truly support and heal the body.

Community and Anthropology
Not only working with natural systems is important but with each other as well.

Using the principles and methods of permaculture you will positively benefit your lifestyle and create a closed loop living system that produces no waste and benefits all living things.

Location & Times

Course Location
City of Plano Sustainability & Environmental Education  (EEC Building)
4200 W. Plano Parkway
Plano, Texas 75093

Morning at our suburban site and afternoon back at the EEC
Suburban site address
3928 Dickens Dr.
Plano, TX 75023

Course Times
Each course date starts at 9:00 am


Three options:

  1. To pay for this course in full, and to receive your 20% off the full price – use the Buy Tickets option on this page.
  2. To pay by weekend at $150 per weeken, click on the date in the course schedule section below on this page, and it will take you to the event page for that specific weekend to pay.
  3. Want to bring your partner? Couples discount page here

More info:
This course is very flexible in payments. You can pay by weekend or the entire course.
By weekend the course is only $150 per weekend.
But if you pay in full,  then you are eligible for a 20% discount which brings the total price down from $900 to only $720.

 2018 Fall Schedule


Receive 20% discount when paid in full
Principles, Concepts, and Themes
Days 1 & 2
Jul 14 & 15
 Pay for weekend
Methods of Design
Days 3 & 4
Aug 11 & 12
 Pay for weekend
 Climatic Factors – Tropics, Arid, Temperate
Trees & Their Energy Transactions
Days 5 & 6
Sep 8 & 9
 Pay for weekend
Water, Earthworks
Aquaculture, Soils
Days 7 & 8
Oct 6 & 7
 Pay for weekend
Strategies for an Alternative Nation
Days 9 & 10
Nov 10 & 11
Pay for weekend
Design, Presentations
Graduation, Party
Days 11 & 12
Dec 8 & 9
 Pay for weekend

Work days and field trips may be planned on days/weekends we are not running the course to give more hours involved in experiencing and learning permaculture.

We look forward to giving you the best permaculture learning experience offered in a city. We guarantee you will learn a breadth of very advanced and basic information. And aside from that you will have a lot of fun and meet some great people. If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to take your permaculture design course – here it is. See you in class!

About School of Permaculture

School of Permaculture is a non profit educational organization which focuses on the education of individuals and groups to re-learn how to work and harmonize with natural systems for every day living needs (housing, food, clean water, community, etc…). We achieve this through combining sustainable ancient wisdom, appropriate technology, and by providing training through courses, consultations, and aid work.

Sustainably regenerative farming, suburban, urban, and village projects are showcased, so no matter what your walk in life is, a design that propels you to freedom can be achieved.

School of Permaculture is also a ministry which, being Christ centered, has Jesus at the heart of our organization. All walks of faith, people, and organizations, christian or other, are welcome as we stay true to our calling which is to love and help as many people as we can, regardless of their walk.

About lead instructor Nicholas Burtner

Nicholas is the Founder and Director for the School of Permaculture, where he leads the education programs and directs operations at both the farm and suburban demonstration sites for the school. Since 2012, Nicholas and his team have worked on a large and varied number of permaculture projects from farms and ranches, to suburban homesteads and public parks, to apartment complexes and college campuses. See some of the designs here.

He has received his permaculture education and training, in person, from the co-originator of permaculture Bill Mollison in Melbourne, Australia. He also interned with world renown permaculturist Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm and attended the Earthship Academy for natural and recycled building construction, under the tutelage of Michael Reynolds in Taos, New Mexico.

Aside from permaculture, and ecologic-related activities, Nicholas is a devote follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, and a father. He is also a nidan and instructor at the Flowing Circle Aikido Center, plus a major proponent of peace. He believes that through the application of permaculture, people can find a more meaningful and purposeful existence.
“The more you know the more you do not know, and they call me an expert, what does that tell you?” ~ Nicholas Burtner.

Full refunds are available if you cancellation request is one week prior to course start date.
No refunds will be given after attending first day of the course.


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Start Time

9:00 am

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Finish Time

5:00 pm

Sunday, December 9, 2018


4116 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093

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