How to Transition into a Permaculture Sustainable Lifestyle

Nicholas Burtner gives us a “how to” on how to transition from our current lifestyle ,which is based on debt and the feat of it, into an abundant lifestyle of permaculture and sustainability. Permablitz website: Working With Nature’s website:
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PermacultureTips – Rain Water Harvesting and First Flush System

Nicholas Burtner discusses rain water harvesting with IBC totes and a very simple and extremely effective first flush system. We will post another video going over why to use rain water instead of city water for gardens and also break down the mechanics of creating this first flush system. Working With Nature’s Website
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Permaculture’s Achilles’ Heel

There are some challenges in permaculture that do need to be addressed. And it is not what we commonly think — of such issues as big business trying to shut permaculture holistic practices down, or people just not caring about the next generations. In all honesty, if you think it through, our current systems involving […]
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