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Introduction to Mandala Gardens

Want a mandala garden but want some inside scoop from someone who has used one and designed and installed a few? Watch this video and glean some beneficial usings and tips at our School of Permaculture’s suburban demonstration site. As always, ask questions if you got them.
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Texas Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture courses happen in Texas frequently. Here at the School of Permaculture, we hold a minimum of two permaculture design courses per year in Plano, Texas. Plano is in North Texas and a suburb just north of Dallas. Our two permaculture design courses start at different times of the year, one that starts in January […]
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Are Permaculture Courses Scams?

Permaculture is one of the only disciplines that get ridiculous criticisms of courses being like multi level marketing or scams. I mean do you go to learn ballet and ask the same? Do you go to university and ask the same thing? Which with the debt load it gives it could be a scam… What […]
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Nutrients from Plants for Composting

  Nutrients from Plants for Composting Add minerals to your soil by adding these plants to your compost pile Name Binomial Nomenclature Na I Fl B Si S N Mg Ca K P Mn Fe Cu Co Alfalfa Medicago sativa x x Arrowroot x Bladder wrack x x x Borage Borago officinalis x x Bracken, […]
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