Our Story

Our mission is to love and help as many people as we can.

“Personally, I not only want to delivery extreme value to our students, but once they graduate, I want them to be positively uplifted…”

Nicholas Burtner, Founder

School of Permaculture

is a non profit educational organization which focuses on the education of individuals and groups to re-learn how to work and harmonize with natural systems for every day living needs (housing, food, clean water, community, etc…). We achieve this through combining sustainable ancient wisdom, appropriate technology, and by providing training through courses, consultations, and aid work.

Sustainably regenerative farming, suburban, urban, and village projects are showcased, so no matter what your walk in life is, a design that propels you to freedom can be achieved. Read More

Our Teaching Approach

School of Permaculture utilizes a top down teaching approach. Our goal is teach you the big picture first. This way you can gain an understanding of the top level permaculture content first. This allows your mind to be properly prepared and ready for the further acquisition of the skills you need to truly change your life.

The way we achieve this is by recommending that you take the 72 hour internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course as your first course. This gives you the top level understanding and will show you how all the elements, techniques, and strategies connect to each other to create real working permaculture. After graduation…  Read More

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