February 4, 2015

Nicholas Burtner’s Permaculture Portfolio

Nicholas Burtner’s Permaculture Portfolio

This page is updated periodically as projects progress. Nicholas makes reference to Working With Nature in some of the videos. Working With Nature was School of Permaculture’s previous name brand.

40 Acres in the Dry Lands

Created water catchment features on the landscape to re-hydrate 40 acres in the dry lands of West Texas. Dry land climate food forest (plus experiments) were planted and a leaky pond was built to replenish the well which the family uses for drinking and irrigation. We made a useful video (see below) while on site and the site itself even made the local paper.

permaculture in the paper1portfolio dry landsportfolio dry lands2portfolio-dry-lands-3-1portfolio dry lands4

65 Acre Re-hydration

This client had hydration issues on 65 acres. We designed a road drainage system and a series of swales, diversion drains, and water catchment to fill a pond that was placed in the wrong position and re-hydrated the landscape for long term resources and strategy for a family homestead of 9.

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2000 Acre Eco-Village

This client has a large nook of land right on the Red River which borders Oklahoma and Texas. An integrated cattle system and cave homes were recommended.


Cold Temperate

We created a gabion diversion drain to harvest the road run off from half a mile in both direction from the public road closest to the house to create a food forest and privacy screen on a 2 acre property in the suburbs.

portfolio-17portfolio-11 portfolio-10

 Difficult Soils

This 5 acre property would not benefit from subsoiling due to the rocky soil so we designed up a system of swales, and an animal and planting regimen to build soil and create a resilient self reliant homestead.

 1/8 Acre Sheet Mulch Garden

Due to health related issues this client not only desired, but needed beyond organic nutrient dense food. We designed up a large 1/8 acre sheet mulched garden system with semi-automatic gravity feed irrigation from the roof water and she was exceptionally happy.

Nicholas Speaking at March Against Monsanto Dallas 2014

A Few Permaculture Designs

20 Acre Food Forest
The School of Permaculture Suburban Site

7 Acre Family Farm
A Suburban Design

Nicholas’s friends and influences

Fun is part of permaculture design!


 Client’s Next Step

It creates a well of gratitude in Nicholas when one of his clients or students start making things happen. Here is a video that a client made that shows off the beginning processs of permaculture on her property.

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