January 30, 2015

Introduction to Permaculture Course Dallas Texas

A one and a half hour presentation by a member of our team will be given followed by a suburban permaculture food forest garden tour. A very positive and open discussion about anything related is encouraged and usually follows (we promote networking!). Once completed you can obtain an Introduction into Permaculture certificate that states you have completed an Introduction into Permaculture class and can be used for continuing education as well. The location is at a Plano, TX residence with a backyard full of permaculture goodies including: rain water harvesting, gray water bed filtration and use, suburban food forestry, serious composting, strategic permaculture gardening and more.

These classes are just enough to get you “in the know” about permaculture and prepare you for the full 12 day permaculture design course which is offered year round. This is also the the pre-requisite intro class that is needed if you are entering into the permaculture design course on any day other than day 1.

Suburban Site
3928 Dickens Drive
Plano, TX 75038
Class Time
7:00 pm
2017 Dates

January 13
February 10
March 10
June 9
July 7
August 11
September 8
December 8


Introduction to Permaculture Course Dallas Texas

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