January 11, 2017

Whole Systems Gardening Course – 2 Weekends

Event Phone: 2148568477

  • February 25, 2017 - March 5, 2017
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Whole Systems Gardening Course



Gardening is not just about putting plants in the ground the same way architecture is not only concerned with plumbing.” ~ Nicholas Burtner

Guided by Anita Mills, Nicole Rice, Kelcey Carlberg, and Nicholas Burtner, our FOUR DAY COURSE gives you the “almost long and forgotten” skills and the hands on experience that make up the cyclical series of events we call gardening. Starting with:

  • Seed Starting
  • Water Harvesting
  • Irrigation
  • Crop and Plant Selection
  • Garden Design
  • Plant Nursing
  • Winnowing
  • Bed Preparation
  • Planting
  • Harvesting
  • Cooking
  • Fermenting
  • Canning
  • Storing
  • Composting
  • Seed Saving
  • Then back to seed starting
    (and we are probably even leaving out a few items)

This is a great opportunity, to not only learn these skills and whole systems design, it will also reduce your grocery bill and provide self sustainability. It’s also a great way to meet others in the Dallas area sustainability and permaculture community. A pair of gardening gloves and shovel is highly recommended, but not required. Come join us this Spring! This four-day course is only $60 per day ($240 for total course), that will provide a life time of rewards.

School of Permaculture is excited to be partnering with the team at F.A.R.M. – Farmers Assisting Returning Military for our Whole Systems Gardening Course this Spring. We’ve been talking, touring, chatting, planning and now we are ready for you to come join us in DeSoto for this course – On the F.A.R.M. site! If you haven’t been yet, you are in for a TREAT! They have a few more acres than we do here at the suburban site! It’s going to be a great time of learning and sharing and getting our hands in the dirt!

Other than location, we are offering the same amazing educators from School of Permaculture, same awesome syllabus and what we are excited about is the opportunity to share this learning with a wider audience at F.A.R.M. – more space equals more room for more students! So help us spread the word and join us in February for this great class!

Veterans are free, as we support the mission of the F.A.R.M. team. We will check your Military ID to enter the event.


SPRING – 2017
Saturday, Feb 25th
Sunday, Feb 26th
Saturday, Mar 4th
Sunday, Mar 5thLocation
314 West Belt Line Road
Desoto, Texas 75115
Class Times
10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Course Overview

Day One


  1. what to eat?
  2. what will grow?
  3. climatic factors/microclimates
  4. slope – water paths
  5. orientation/sun path
  6. what is already growing –
  7. weeds – as indicators of soil


  1. What do we want
  2. what does family want
  3. what do we hope to get
  4. restrictions – planting areas/space
  5. who is your customer?
  6. Where to begin
  7. draw on paper

Seed Starting

  1. Winnowing/seed selection
  2. seeds vs transplants/plants best seeded directly
  3. propagation
  4. wicking bed
  5. potting mixes
  6. tools for potting and planting
  7. pots – commercial and repurposed
  8. seed depth
  9. a few carrot prop methods
  10. germination time
  11. how often to water
  12. when to expect
  13. when to water – dampen off
  14. vermiculture – how to build farm and teas

Day Two


  1. trays
  2. 4” pots
  3. spoons and forks
  4. hardening up
  5. in and out of green house
  6. greenhouse management
    1. heat, cold
    2. watering
    3. pests
    4. air flow
    5. cleanliness

Bed preparation

  1. Sheet mulching


  1. spacing
  2. design
  3. guilds / companion planting
    1. perennials
    2. shrubs
    3. trees
    4. nitrogen fixers
    5. dynamic accumulators
    6. how a plant eats/soil microbiology – easy plant census


  1. types of tanks
  2. micro irrigation
  3. how to calculate amount area of capture
  4. diffferent permaculture urban water capture techniques

Day Three


  1. When to harvest
  2. how to harvest
  3. cooking
  4. storing
  5. canning
  6. fermenting
  7. freezing
  8. dehydrating

Day Four


  1. explain 18 day method
  2. class builds or watches me build one
  3. vermi-composting
  4. at least 2 times a year

Climate and land use

  1. cover cropping
  2. succession planting/crop rotation
  3. reason temperate climate has less legumes
  4. sheet mulch, compost, drip irrigation strategy 2 weeks before planting

Seed Saving

  1. winnowing
  2. cleaning
  3. storing





314 West Belt Line Road, Desoto, Texas, 75115, United States