Traditional Landscape Design VS Permaculture Landscape Design

A young family wants to make a change and asked two different landscape design teams to design their landscape for healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts and eggs. The two companies create designs and got back with the couple. The video shows the results and below you can easily see the connections and benefits the permaculture[…]


Working With Microclimates

Microclimate can be both easy to understand and at the same time hard to understand. Nicholas shows us two different microclimates in this video that offer two different growing requirements for the vegetation that may grow there. Looking forward to making more videos that highlight unique microclimates that can literally found everywhere there is any[…]

Mediterranean Tree Guilds That Work

Permaculture Tip of the Day – Mediterranean Tree Guilds That Work!

Nicholas Burtner is again with the awesome Loren Luyendyk at a Mediterranean food forest he helped established roughly 7 years ago. Take a yander at the very established lists of trees, a short history, and some tips for each one in that is in this set up. Really awesome stuff! ~We greatly appreciate your shares[…]

med gray water Loren

Permaculture Tip of the Day – Mediterranean Dry Land Gray Water System & Plant Selection

Nicholas Burtner gets a tour of Orella Ranch with Loren Luyendyk as he discusses the intricacies of planting a gray water banana circle-ish system in the Mediterranean dry lands. You can contact/hire Loren at: www.sborganics.com ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. If you found something useful, please share. What next? (click below) Take a[…]

replinishing an aquifer

Permaculture Tip of the Day – Replenishing an Aquifer with Swales – A Case Study

Nicholas Burtner is at Casitas Valley Farm getting the scoop from Warren Brush on how a 9 month old swale has had unbelievable aquifer filling ability for a well on the property, even in the midst of a drought! ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. If you found something useful, please share. What next?[…]

Dark Gray Water 1 pic

Permaculture Tip of the Day – Gravity Fed “Dark” Gray Water System

Gray water is typically any waste water that is used other than the toilet and kitchen sink water. Dark gray water is the same but inclusive with the water that drains from kitchen sink. Nicholas Burtner is in Victoria, BC, Canada with the amazing Ann and Gord Baird on their off grid established homestead showing[…]


Highlights of our Haiti PDC 2015

Trees and their energy transactions taught under the shade of a mango What an honor it was for us to get to deposit a swath of permaculture into the island La Gonave, Haiti. More specifically into the village of La Palma on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. As I sit here and write this[…]


Permaculture Tip of the Day – Self Wicking Seed Starter

Nicholas Burtner explains what is seed starter and talks us through how to put together a larger version which is good for all types of permaculture site applications, and especially for the suburban and urban environments. ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. If you found something useful, please share. What next? (click below) Take[…]