Edge Effect: Tools for bridging communications gaps

In our efforts to empower large-scale land restoration and effect cultural transformation to a society of earth repair and stewardship, we must educate, inspire, and engage. To accomplish this, we must form a connection between ourselves and our audiences. We need to create a space with a consistency of purpose, a compatible language, and a[…]

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Choose School of Permaculture as Your Charitable Organization

Did you know that Amazon donates a percentage of sales to charitable organization of customer’s choosing and it costs the customer nothing? Even though we highly recommend buying local – for those online purchase you do make on, choose a permaculture organization using those funds to aid and help people and orphans through permaculture.[…]

people care a manifesto

People Care: A Manifesto

Dear Permaculturalist, Is Permaculture only about growing food in a sustainable way? Is it only about designing eco­friendly landscapes? My Permaculture teachers (Wilson Alvarez and Benjamin Weiss) taught me how I shouldn’t view the Permaculture principles only from a gardening perspective, but try to view and use them in my daily life as well. Hearing[…]

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Permaculture Tip of the Day – Are Pallets Poisonous?

Nicholas Burtner searches through a few stacks of used pallets (with permission of course) and gives a very timely and practical tip on which pallets to use and which pallets to stay clear of – especially if using in the garden. ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. If you found something useful, please share.[…]

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Permaculture and Dentistry…

What is permaculture? In this video, Dr. Abramczyk of Smile Ranch Dentistry interviews Nicholas Burtner of the School of Permaculture about the different parts of permaculture including housing, nutrition, and lifestyle. Learn more about permaculture and share how you incorporate permaculture principles into your life! ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. If you[…]


Highlights of our Haiti PDC 2015

Trees and their energy transactions taught under the shade of a mango What an honor it was for us to get to deposit a swath of permaculture into the island La Gonave, Haiti. More specifically into the village of La Palma on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. As I sit here and write this[…]

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What Does School of Permaculture Do?

We get asked this all the time, what does School of Permaculture do? We are glad you asked… School of Permaculture, a 501c3 non profit organization, has 4 main components: 1. We are an education facility that teaches permaculture both on-site and here on this website. Make sure to scroll through the many pages of permaculture[…]

q&a-charging clients

Permaculture Q&A Series – Charging Clients

Recently I received an inquiry about the article I wrote titled: What Should I Charge as a Permaculture Design Consultant? and found our dialog to be potentially very useful to permaculturist in general and decided to share our commentary here. NEW PERMIE: Hi NicholasI’ve just completed my PDC through Geoff Lawton, and am currently working on[…]

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World Changer Interview Series – Nicholas Burtner Interviews Brad Lancaster

Well known and respected author and pioneer in dry land water harvesting strategies, Brad Lancaster, sits down to an upbeat and revealing interview with Nicholas Burtner where he opens up about his life, permaculture, experience, and of course dry land strategies. Enjoy! What next? (click below) Take a Course Hire a Consultant Hire a Speaker[…]