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Mandala Gardens

Mandala gardens¬†use energy efficient pathways that connect keyhole gardens together. Allowing us single rotating work areas instead of the constant up and down motion that rectangular beds force on you when working the outside perimeter. This version I call the Chi Rho mandala because if you connect the center points with lines, you get the[…]


Traditional Landscape Design VS Permaculture Landscape Design

A young family wants to make a change and asked two different landscape design teams to design their landscape for healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts and eggs. The two companies create designs and got back with the couple. The video shows the results and below you can easily see the connections and benefits the permaculture[…]


Working With Microclimates

Microclimate can be both easy to understand and at the same time hard to understand. Nicholas shows us two different microclimates in this video that offer two different growing requirements for the vegetation that may grow there. Looking forward to making more videos that highlight unique microclimates that can literally found everywhere there is any[…]