Clint Chamberlain

Clint Chamberlain has this to say about the School of Permaculture

Permaculture Design Course Graduate Clint Chamberlain had this to say about his experience with the six month version of the permaculture design course at the School of Permaculture. ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. Please share if you found something useful. What next? (click below) Take a Course Hire a Consultant Hire a Speaker[…]


Nicholas Burtner shares some of his story and gives an intro to permaculture to the Plano Senior High School

Mr. Yoder, the Plano Senior High School’s environmental science teacher. came to one of Nicholas’s intro to permaculture and later a permablitz and it seems that he has obviously caught the permaculture bug. We were honored to be asked by him to come in a lecture for two days on what is permaculture. Mr. Yoder[…]


Permaculture Tip of the Day – We Teach & Preach People Care But We Don’t Do It…

Nicholas Burtner keeps it real and gives us a small lesson on how to obtain more mental and emotional training that (like gardening) should be taught to everyone in grade school. This training believe or not is fundamental to the ethic of people care which we teach and preach on in permaculture but hardly ever[…]

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Permaculture Tip of the Day – Why This Doctor Quit His Practice and Chose Permaculture

Nicholas Burtner chats a bit with Dr. Ryan Crafts about why he chose to quit his very well paying medical job as a doctor to pursue a more holistic approach to life and shows us how to truly utilize the ethic of permaculture called people care. Make sure to check out the free clinic where[…]


Permaculture Tip of the Day – One Family, Seven Kids, Homesteading & Home Schooling

THIS IS PERMACULTURE! If they can do this, so can you! Nicholas Burtner is near Victoria, BC, Canada and got to visit Many Hands Farm of Curtis and Kim Robinson. They come from the same background just like many of you and turned their lives around for the better – into permaculture. Check this video[…]


How One Superintendent Changed His School’s Lunch Program To Nutrient Dense Food

We got the chance to sit down with Nelson Coulter, a rancher, farmer, and superintendent of the local school, and talk with him about his change into nutrient dense food and permaculture – and thence forth the school, where he is the superintendent, changed their lunch program to organic and nutrient dense food. ~We greatly[…]


Edge Effect: Tools for bridging communications gaps

In our efforts to empower large-scale land restoration and effect cultural transformation to a society of earth repair and stewardship, we must educate, inspire, and engage. To accomplish this, we must form a connection between ourselves and our audiences. We need to create a space with a consistency of purpose, a compatible language, and a[…]

people care a manifesto

People Care: A Manifesto

Dear Permaculturalist, Is Permaculture only about growing food in a sustainable way? Is it only about designing eco¬≠friendly landscapes? My Permaculture teachers (Wilson Alvarez and Benjamin Weiss) taught me how I shouldn’t view the Permaculture principles only from a gardening perspective, but try to view and use them in my daily life as well. Hearing[…]

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Permaculture and Dentistry…

What is permaculture? In this video, Dr. Abramczyk of Smile Ranch Dentistry interviews Nicholas Burtner of the School of Permaculture about the different parts of permaculture including housing, nutrition, and lifestyle. Learn more about permaculture and share how you incorporate permaculture principles into your life! ~We greatly appreciate your shares and likes. If you[…]


Highlights of our Haiti PDC 2015

Trees and their energy transactions taught under the shade of a mango What an honor it was for us to get to deposit a swath of permaculture into the island La Gonave, Haiti. More specifically into the village of La Palma on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. As I sit here and write this[…]